Oktoberfest WiFi Analytics

Key Facts

Status: Complete

Connectivity: WiFi

George's Dock, Dublin

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Dublin City Council partnered with ThinkSmarter to monitor dwell times, visitor numbers, and tackle anti-social behaviour. A temporary mesh Wifi network was used to monitor the movement of over 66,000 visitors to Oktoberfest 2017 in Dublin.

Project objectives

This pilot project, which involved the erection of temporary wifi units around the event perimeter, was designed to enable both DCC and their event partners, to showcase the analytics that can be achieved from using a wifi mesh network, based on achieving the following objectives:

  • The total number of visitors attending the event
  • The hourly & daily visitor peak visitor numbers
  • The most popular times to visit as well as the likely queue times
  • How an easy-to-install wifi mesh network can be used to improve events year on year
  • The estimated economic value of the event, taking into account all of the real-time data gathered


Project benefits

By setting up this pilot WiFi mesh initiative using the Oktoberfest event as a real-life test bed, Dublin City Council was able to obtain real-time demographic and population data relating to this particular event.

Aerial shot of Oktoberfest in George’s Dock

However, the real success of this project lies in the possibilities it has opened up for future events. The results of this project provide clear evidence that wifi mesh networks are the future when it comes to understanding visitor demographics, event organisation, and consumer behaviour/ activity.


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