WiredScore comes to Dublin

WiredScore comes to Dublin

Connectivity is critical to the modern business. From running e-commerce platforms and delivering online services, communicating with clients and colleagues, to using cloud apps to manage operations, the internet underpins most core business functions.

However, many businesses only discover after signing a ten-year lease that their new office space has low connectivity capacity, offers little choice of internet service provider, and has no resiliency in case of accidents – and then it’s too late.

In fact 85% of Irish offices experience connectivity problems , with one in ten employees experiencing connectivity issues at work every day and over a third of people indicating they cannot work at all when they experience an internet outage. Therefore, poor connectivity can have a significant impact on a company’s productivity and, ultimately, its bottom line.

WiredScore buildings certified in Dublin

Bringing greater transparency to the office market

To enable greater clarity into digital infrastructure in the commercial real estate industry, in July 2017 WiredScore launched its digital rating scheme for commercial property, Wired Certification, in Ireland.

Wired Certification is a trusted mark that helps landlords and developers optimise and demonstrate the calibre of their digital infrastructure, as well as enabling businesses to make better informed decisions on office space.

First developed in New York in 2013 by leaders in real estate, technology and telecommunications – including Google and Cisco, and with endorsement by Mayor Bloomberg – with the goal of improving the city’s connectivity infrastructure, WiredScore now has over 400 million sq ft of office space, equating to over 1,400 buildings, committed to Wired Certification, with four million people working in Wired Certified buildings across the US, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Ireland.

To date, 46 buildings are committed to Wired Certification in Dublin, totalling more than 4 million sq ft of office space, with 13 buildings already Wired Certified in the capital.

Why is Wired Certification valuable for businesses?

The criteria for Wired Certification has been designed to reflect the prime concerns of tenants regarding their internet provision:

  • How quickly they can get set up
  • How resilient the internet is
  • What price they will pay for the speed they will receive.

The Wired Certification criteria measures both the pure connectivity and infrastructure, to provide a rating – Platinum, Gold, Silver or Certified. Based on their technology needs, businesses then can choose an office space in a building with the right connectivity levels in accordance with the rating scheme.

Empowered to boost connectivity

In the Smart Docklands, landlords and developers can take preparatory steps to ensure tenants can take advantage of the multiple fibre providers available in the vicinity and roll out independent backup solutions, such as fixed wireless.

Wired Certification provides the tools for Irish landlords to improve their buildings’ digital infrastructure and promotes greater transparency in commercial property to give tenants the reassurance that they are benefiting from the best connectivity Dublin has to offer.

For more information on Wired Certification, you can find more details at wiredscore.ie

This is a guest blogpost from the team at WiredScore