About Smart Docklands

What is the Docklands?

The Smart Docklands District, with its density of new builds, global tech companies and range of connectivity options, provides a unique platform for SMEs and entrepreneurs to develop new and innovative solutions that will transform the way our cities operate.

With a focus on collaboration and a diverse range of partners, the Smart Docklands team play the independent broker role between the city, the innovators and the universities.

Smart Docklands showcases what can happen when a unique city district develops the level of sensor density and connectivity to make a significant jump in the quality of life for all the peoples of the area.

Connectivity as a Baseline

In order to have the ability to test and pilot a diverse range of smart city solutions, it is essential to have a wider range of connectivity options.

In The Docklands we have full coverage of three LPWAN’s (LoRa, NB-IoT and Sigfox) which are widely used to test and scale IoT based solutions.

In addition, Dublin City Council are in the process of rolling out a dark fibre network which will give us the ability to trial innovative solutions for pervasive connectivity.

Our Partners & Ecosytem

Dublin’s Docklands has a unique density of global tech companies including Google, Cisco and Huawei; who played a strong role in initiating the Smart Docklands Network. However, it is the national and global network of companies including Vodafone, Intel and AT&T that have enabled a diverse range of trials and pilot projects.

A fundamental principle for Smart Docklands is to avoid rolling out “tech for tech’s sake”,  so we have engaged with several different stakeholder groups from property developers to residents groups, to identify real challenges which can be address with smart city solutions. For more information on who we are working with, please click below.