Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Key Facts

Status: In Progress


  • Ringsend College
  • Ringsend & Irishtown Community Centre
  • St. Andrew’s Community Centre
  • North Wall CDP

We need to understand the challenges that the Docklands Community face now and into the future to ensure we are addressing real city challenges and not just using tech for tech sake.

To help us understand what the key challenges are in the Docklands area we run an engagement programme with the stakeholder groups in the Docklands including workshops, events and webinars.

Docklands Community Workshop


What is the purpose of our engagement?

There are four objectives we want to achieve through our engagement with the Docklands community.

  • Identify key challenges faced by the local community to ensure we are focusing on real issues and to highlight new challenges we are not aware of.
  • Demonstrate how different types of smart technology are helping to address city challenges in the Docklands Area and to increase stakeholder awareness and support for utilising technology to solve city challenges.
  • Facilitate collaboration & connections between Docklands stakeholders to create new opportunities across the district through projects, research and learning opportunities.
  • Increase awareness of the Smart Docklands initiative & our work in the Docklands to maintain and grow support of stakeholders and programme development opportunities.

Who are our stakeholders?

The Docklands area is made up of a diverse community of 40,000 employees and approximately 26,000 thousand residents.To help us reach as many people as we can we have broken up the community into four stakeholder categories – Residents, Hospitality & Tourism, Property Owners & Developers, and Infrastructure. The group “Residents” is broken into six areas – an acknowledgement from the residents, that the established and new communities have different challenges, as do North and South Dock residents. It also includes community facilities in these areas such as schools and community facilities.

Smart Docklands Workshops

We aim to run workshops with each stakeholder group at least once a year. The focus of the workshop is for participants to identify and share challenges they experience within their community. During these workshops participants will also learn about the Smart Docklands programme and how we are using technology to address city challenges.

So far over 300+ challenges have been identified by the Docklands Community. These challenges and concerns are actively being used to inform the direction of new pilot projects across the Docklands Smart City test bed – everything from safety issues, to better management of waste, flooding alerts, better connectivity, congestion and water safety issues.

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