Bigbelly was founded in 2003 with the goal of transforming one of the least efficient and resource-intensive industries: waste collection. Cities were either collecting too often and wasting fuel and labor while emitting excess CO2, or alternatively, they were not able to keep up with the demands and overflowing trash cans that created litter, health, and safety issues.
In the following years, we evolved to offer a unique and complete solution by leveraging renewable solar energy and information technology. Bigbelly is a Smart Waste Management, Smart City, and Internet of Things (IoT) industry leader and is recognized as a C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group best practice. Industry knowledge & longevity in the market provides us with unparalleled insights backed by extensive data, analytics, and customer successes.
Today, we are a multi-purpose platform for building smarter cities. We are uniquely positioned as a public right-of-way platform that delivers Smart City solutions and hosts communications infrastructure. The Bigbelly solution is deployed in communities, campuses, and organizations in over 50 countries. We transform operations, drive efficiencies, increase productivity, and improve quality of life.

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