Murphy Surveys

State-of-the-art technologies and an experienced, knowledgeable and capable team allow Murphy Surveys to provide their clients with a competitively priced, first-rate service. Our years of experience have helped us understand our clients’ needs and the challenges they face. Every service we offer can be customised to meet our clients’ particular requirements. Continuous investment in the most up-to-date surveying technology ensures our clients benefit from the most efficient, cost competitive and risk averse surveys on the market, while providing the most rigorous standards in detail and accuracy. Murphy Surveys was the first Geospatial Survey Company to use Laser Scanning in Ireland. Operating from 11 offices throughout Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe, we work with public and private sector clients from many sectors, across the globe. Key factors in our success include stringent quality control, efficient turnaround times, and effectiveness to provide superior customer service at all times.

Featured Projects

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