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Key Facts

Accenture The Dock

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Accenture’s ‘The Dock’ is one of the most connected buildings in the world. With 10,000+ sensors and 1m data points generated every day, this 60,000 sq foot building is at the heart of technology innovation in Dublin City.

Project summary

‘The Dock’ was built to service the needs of today’s workforce, as well as having an eye on the future. Home to 200 designers, IoT, AI and analytics experts, it is a state of the art facility that promotes collaboration and co-creation between clients, university researchers, and start-ups. The building contains thousands of sensors that intuitively control everything from heating to lighting, and from room bookings to diary synchronisation.

Core objectives

Using real-time data which is enabled by the building’s jaw-dropping 10,000+ sensors and 1m+ daily data points, Accenture created ‘The Dock’ to build the workspace of the future. It has been designed with collaboration in mind and as a workspace where multidisciplinary teams can come together to solve complex problems in one place.

How does it work?

Because the building was designed and built with IoT at its core, it is powered by real-time data gathered from its inhabitants.

Every type of data imaginable – ranging from temperature and movement to ambient light and room occupancy – is gathered and fed into a centralised IoT platform. Then, using advanced analytics to analyse the data, the building can be monitored through interactive dashboards, giving granular control over virtually every function.

Employees working in the building have access to a custom-built mobile app which contains everything they will need throughout their workday. As a result, they can personalise every part of their working day to help them get the most out of it.

The impact of ‘The Dock’ on the future of work

The success of this pilot workspace initiative proves that the IoT platform has arrived and is already changing the way in which people work and live.

In the case of The Dock building, it positively impacts employees, by giving them increased control of their working lives.

But this is only the beginning for the IoT platform in a workspace context: if it can have such a positive impact in an office environment, imagine the possibilities it offers for hospitals, airports, and other similar essential areas of life.

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