Electrically-assisted trailers in DCC

eTrailers for Logistics

The first and last mile of transporting goods (and people) have been notoriously known amongst local government and transportation staff. For example, being able to get to your home, from the bus/Luas(tram)/train stop, with your heavy bag of groceries!

Project Objectives

Nuwiel have been working with Dublin City Council to trial their electrically-assisted trailers (eTrailers) to transport goods in tight areas that make it difficult for vehicles to go through. These eTrailers can either be retro-fitted on a bicycle, or used as a walking stroller.

Specifically, the two departments within Dublin City Council trialing these eTrailers would be its ‘Parks’ and ‘Libraries’ departments. As one can imagine, it can be challenging to transport goods through a park and a library without any automation involve. Due to the tight constraints on pathways within the different library buildings, as well as the tightly manicured pathways within the many parks in Dublin city, staff have been resorting to manual trolleys that still take a lot effort in order to move goods.

The primary objective of trial would be to see if the respective staff members find their loads lightened (figuratively and literally), when using these eTrailers in their day to day operations.

The eTrailer has been helpful in transporting plants, pots, and other equipment in the park without using emission vehicles and manual trolleys

Project Outcomes

The project will first and foremost assess the value-add of the eTrailers for the respective departments. Questions like, ‘has my work gotten easier’, and ‘are operations smoother and more efficient’, among others should be answerable by the end of the trial period.

Depending on the assessment of the staff, the eTrailers may be chosen to be kept on a permanent basis, as well as the option to purchase more at a preferred rate.

A secondary outcome would be exposing other departments within the council to the potential benefits of using such eTrailers in their own logistical operations. This interest may also expand to the other local authorities in Dublin and elsewhere in Ireland.

Importantly, it would hopefully spark off a wider conversation with supermarket chain and national transport actors on the benefits of having such equipment available to the masses.

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