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CHQ Dublin

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Dublin’s iconic CHQ Building, located on Custom House Quay in the heart of the Docklands, is an iconic listed building that has been transformed into a sophisticated contemporary space, built with smart technology at its core.

Project Summary

CHQ building is a social hub that includes bars, restaurants, shops, an incredible state of the art visitor experience (EPIC, Ireland’s stunning emigrant museum). It also, however, houses Dogpatch Labs, Ireland’s leading co-working space for scaling technology startups.

External smart technology achievements

On a broad level, the redevelopment of CHQ – and the associated investment in smart technology – has significantly enhanced ICT infrastructure, not only for those who are visiting the CHQ building itself but also for those who are frequenting the surrounding area.

Some of the positive infrastructural developments brought about by CHQ are as follows:

  • Superfast free WIFI not only throughout CHQ but within 50-75 yards of the building in the South and West directions
  • LED Lights installed on trees throughout George’s Dock, in partnership with ESB’s smart tech unit
  • Light sensors for controlling outdoor lighting
  • A state of the art footfall system, with elements of AI, has enabled an analysis of customer dwell times and repeat visits

Internal smart-tech achievements

The interior of the CHQ building is enhanced by the many great smart technology initiatives, making it a vibrant, thriving social and living hub that appeals to millennials, workers, families, and visitors alike.

  • 100GB of fibre-optic capability and capacity were installed throughout the building in 2013
  • Superfast free WIFI within the building, making it a perfect place to work or socialise
  • Ireland’s first ‘beat the food queue’ app, ‘Qkr’, introduced in partnership with Mastercard
  • Remote control BMS that manages all aspects of the building via smartphone:
    • Mech and electrics
    • Heating and Air
    • Access Control
    • Intruder Alarms
    • CCTV on IP
    • Remote diagnostics for all staff and suppliers


What next for CHQ?

As one of the Dublin’s Docklands best-known buildings, CHQ is constantly evolving to become not just a social hub, but a building that can improve the everyday lives and experiences of those working or visiting the vibrant Docklands area.

As a result, some exciting new developments are already in the pipeline, including the following:

  • Use beacons for digital way-finding to enable an interactive walking tour of the surrounding sights, including the many bridges, quays and campshires, historical famine statues, George’s Dock, the Jeanie Johnston, and a lot more besides
  • LED lighting on lamps and trees along the campshires
  • Rainfall sensors to manage air vents during Summer
  • Footfall system to identify ‘known’ problem visitors to the building
  • Ireland’s first ‘smart’ retail unit, currently being developed by CHQ in conjunction with Dog Patch Labs and other CHQ partners

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