What is Smart Docklands?

What is the ‘Smart Docklands’ Initiative?

The Dublin Docklands has unique potential as a Smart City District. Over 40,000 people work in this thriving business district, and it is home to 26,000 thousand residents. There is a high concentration of new buildings and a wide range of connectivity, transport modes, and ‘smart’ assets. It is also home to many of the world’s leading global technology companies, who are ready and eager to make use of a world-class testbed in their backyard.

Recognising the suitability of the Docklands as a Smart City Technology testbed, Dublin City Council (DCC) and Trinity College’s ‘CONNECT’ Centre spearheaded the creation of the ‘Smart Docklands’ initiative.

It’s objective is to unite SME’s, residents or local government officials who are facing challenges with technology companies who believe they can solve these challenges. The Smart Docklands initiative connects these groups so that they can come up with innovative solutions, test them and improve them collaboratively.

The Smart Docklands team also facilitates the deployment of prototypes of these solutions in The Docklands area, ensuring that these projects receive any assistance they may need from Dublin City Council.

What are we trying to achieve?

Our vision is that The Dublin Docklands will become the world’s most connected business and living district.

Our ultimate goal is to accelerate the development of disruptive technologies that will make life better for people who live in urban centres across the globe. In Ireland – and specifically in The Docklands – we have access to highly-skilled talent, financing, expertise, and a willing municipal partner in the form of Dublin City Council. Because of this, we believe that we can make a significant contribution to solving the challenges of urban life today, and into the future.  

The Docklands as a Testbed

Dublin’s Docklands is the ideal location for a smart city testbed, with its mix of roadways and waterways, as well as residential and commercial occupants. Our role as Smart Docklands is to facilitate and enable the testing and trialling of smart city solutions that will not only improve the lives of those who live in The Docklands, but also solutions that can scale globally.

Bringing together the universities and research centres, the tech and innovation ecosystem and Dublin City Council, provides us with a unique mix of stakeholders that have the ability to transform Dublin City.

Stakeholder Engagement

A fundamental principle for Smart Docklands is to ensure we do not deploy ‘tech for tech’s sake’. To avoid doing this, and to ensure any solutions we test will improve The Docklands, we decided to run a series of workshops to identify the challenges they are aware of in the area.

The 5 stakeholder groups we identified for the workshops are:

  • Residents
  • Tech Ecosystem
  • Tourism/Hospitality
  • Infrastructure
  • Developers & Property

To-date we have run 14 workshops with over 240 stakeholders. There are further workshops planned with Docklands residents this year.