Market Consultation for Innovative Solutions to Ring Buoy Theft

Market Consultation for Innovative Solutions to Ring Buoy Theft

Dublin City Council through its smart city unit is exploring the use of new technologies, partnering with academic institutions and private organizations to improve quality of life, deliver more efficient and responsive city services and increase engagement with citizens.

Dublin City Council is seeking information from service providers for the provision of innovative solutions to better manage the ring buoys in Dublin and across Ireland. This may incorporate low-cost, Low-Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) sensors, alarm systems and associated solutions to provide information on damaged or stolen of ring-buoys in real time. This will also incorporate a mobile-responsive map-based platform to be used by water safety officers to identify which ring buoys are missing.

Dublin City Council manages approximately 130 ring buoys in Dublin. These ring buoys are located on the banks of the canals, the rivers, in the Docklands area and in the City Council beach areas. Unfortunately, approximately 15 of these ring buoys are tampered with or are taken every week.

Dublin City Council’s Water Safety Officer and Water Safety Ireland are jointly responsible for the monitoring and maintenance of the ring buoys in Dublin City. As it stands, ring buoy inspectors must manually check each ring buoy and associated equipment. All problems, including missing parts, are logged on a paper filing system. Currently new parts are deployed on the next visit to that location. Additionally, ring buoys cost approx. €40 each, so the replacement of approximately 600 in a year costs Dublin City Council in excess of €20000 per annum.

To address this problem Dublin City Council would like to engage the market through a Prior Information Notice to understand the solutions that are currently available before issuing an RFP in Q1 of 2020.

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