As a smart city testbed, Smart Docklands aims to create a platform for innovators and entrepreneurs to test a wide range of solutions in a real-life, city setting. This district is the perfect size to trial and validate a solution before scaling city-wide and to other cities across the world. The projects listed below range from university research initiatives to pre-procurement testing and pilot projects.

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Energy, Water & Waste Citizens & Living

OPERANDUM is a European research project which aims to reduce climate risks through innovative nature-based solutions.

Smart Mobility Citizens & Living

eTrailers for Logistics The first and last mile of transporting goods (and people) have been notoriously known amongst l...

Citizens & Living Connectivity

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in the age of 5G Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology is becoming increasingly used in a va...

Smart Mobility

Dublin Cycling Buddy uses crowdsourced data to curate the safest, most efficient cycle routes for you.

Smart Mobility Citizens & Living

Using smart bike lights to provide insights into cyclists experiences so Dublin can create safer cycling infrastructure....

Energy, Water & Waste Citizens & Living Connectivity

Enhanced waste collection and other innovative services packed into one neat receptacle

Energy, Water & Waste

Wireless sensors are being deployed in gullies across the Dublin Docklands to allow local authorities to better manage o...

Energy, Water & Waste Citizens & Living

WeCount aims to empower citizens to take a leading role in the production of data, evidence and knowledge around mobilit...


The pace of technological development is breathtaking. Perhaps the most illustrative example of this is the smartphone. ...