Velo-city 2019 will be held in the Convention Centre Dublin (CCD) located on the River Liffey and positioned at the convergence of several key coastal, river and canal cycle routes. The historic, cultural and social amenities of the city centre are within ten minutes walking distance and even closer by bike! There are a number of different cycle routes nearby, where delegates can experience scenic routes which run along the coast of Dublin Bay or head inland along the city’s canals.

The Challenge:

Seeking the most innovative and market ready smart cycle tech solutions to shape the future of cycling in cities.


The Opportunity:

There is serious ambition to scale up cycling in cities across the world. It will require major investment in cycling infrastructure, increased promotion of cycling as an option, radical policy decision making, and a step change in attitudes to cycling in cities. We also believe there are a number of short term improvements possible through the application of smart, low cost innovative and scalable technologies.


In line with our push towards healthier, more liveable cities we are seeking technology and data driven proposals that address the following areas:

a. Seeking Better Data – Better use of cycling data to understand issues


b. Promoting Safer Cycling – Both actual accidents and perception of safety


c. Cycle Security – Improving cycle parking, and reducing bicycle thefts


d. Intelligent Transport System on Cycling – Better integration of cyclists into intelligent transport systems



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For further information check out our webpage at Velo-City 2019 Smart Pedal Pitch.